Redesigned, Yet Again.

12/30/19, 5:33 PM

Introduction to the new site

Welcome to the new site! I've redesigned things from the ground up, and I think it was worthwhile. My old site heavily relied on JS to list my projects list (which rarely changes), meaning I would be wasting the user's resources. Also, I find things I make look ugly after a few weeks. However, this time is different. Everything is statically generated, which has given me the ability to add some cool features I've been considering for a while. One such feature is to show recent blog posts inline on the site and then show project-orientated posts right alongside the project page.

The only JS on my site now is Google Analytics and FontAwesome. Google Analytics is my primary Analytics provider and FontAwesome is the icon library to make things look better.

Since everything is static, I no longer need to make any API calls to my site which has enabled me to depreciate my projects API, which is helping me migrate my API to Swift. This will help keep things more organized and enable me to create cleaner APIs.

Look better it does. I redesigned everything to use custom CSS. No more Bootstrap, no more Bulma, and no Tailwind (which was considered early on). This enabled me to influence the design to be the way I had envisioned and therefore, I believe it looks good.

Since I enjoy the way it looks and everything loads much faster, I'm going to be blogging much more frequently now. While the markdown engine this site uses isn't fully-featured, it offers enough for me to create posts with enough details as I please.

I'm finding writing things to be more fun than I used to, so expect more posts as well!

Any and all new posts will show up on my Twitter, per usual.