Privacy Policy

I take privacy very seriously. I try to keep things on my site as secure as possible and, as a result, as private as possible. While this policy's scope is limited to my personal projects, I try to apply it in as many places as applicable. I treat your privacy as I would treat mine. The most I do is collect analytical data (via Google Analytics) to show me how my projects are being used and how they get. Any data is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you, on my end at least. Besides that, I don't collect anything else. However, it should be noted that:

  1. Most of my projects will end up storing data locally. This is only accessible through your device and doesn't get uploaded anywhere unless you specify to.
  2. There is a good amount of cross-communication on many of my projects. For instance: the Vinesauce app (found at may make requests to in order to fetch non-user data. I use this type of communication to fetch any styles, code, images, data, etc. that my projects may need to function.
  3. I reserve the right to share any of the aforementioned anonymous analytical data among my peers or publicly on social media/my blog. The data shared will not infringe on any of your privacy rights, and will be heavily generalized, e.g. "We reached x number of users today, thank you!" This data will never reveal any personal information about yourself, or anyone else.
  4. I reserve the right to personally keep copies of any commissioned work and the ability to discuss it among my peers or publicly on social media/my blog. You can explicitly ask me to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you want to keep it private, however.